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About Us

Major changes have happened for us since the beginning of our website & business.  Of course, the best to happen has been the addition of two wonderful daughters, Sierra & Sonny. While these two have kept us busy, they have also inspired us to redouble our commitment to making the best quality lotions and soaps we can possibly make. Our goat herd has grown, too, further allowing us to use farm-fresh artisanal methods that reflect our passion for the land and livestock. For the sake of our customers, and for the well being and safety of our own family, we proudly hand craft products that are all- natural, chemical free, high quality, and created in small batches ensuring premium results. Our fresh, rich, and refreshing goat milk highlights the list of ingredients used.

We moved our herd from our small PA farm in early 2019, just a few miles over to our Friendsville, Md farm. We enjoy our father- daughter operation, and hope that our girls will one day take part in our dairy goat program. 

All of our goats have names, personalities, and value to us in the making of our products and in our breeding program intended to breed healthier, happier, and longer-lived representatives of their breeds. This focus on improved genetics and animal health serve as the cornerstone to our success.

We strive to maintain an inventory of standard favorites, with seasonal offerings in limited quantities. We do love a challenge- so please let us know if you have any special requests, packaging , or larger batch orders. Try our products and trust that nature knows best !

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