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Dairy Goat Sales &Planned Breedings for Spring 2024

If interested in any of our breedings for 2023-2024, please click on the pdf link below.

Our sales policy is listed below the PDF link. 

All mature does were tested & negative for CAE in October-December of 2023. A copy of those results will be provided for every buyer upon request. We test our herd yearly, and at 30 + days post breeding to also confirm pregnancy. 

Please feel free to email us with any questions at : 

*Sales Policy & Purchase Contract* 
At Pallet Farms LLC, we strive for complete satisfaction with every goat sale or kid reservation. Our goal is to produce healthy high quality goats for pets, breeding, milk production, or show. That being said, the terms and conditions of sales, and the kid- pre order reservation information below are to protect the seller (Pallet Farms LLC) and the buyer (you). This is a standard terms of sales agreement for a goat purchase. Please review this entire page of terms, conditions, and policies completely, as they are your responsibility upon completion and receipt of your signature. 
Please review the material below in its entirety before signing and before contacting the farm for purchase pick up. 
Deposit for future kids will be $100 with the remaining balance due within two weeks of weaning. Deposits for any animal already on the ground will be half the price of the goat to reserve the animal of your choice. An emailed receipt of that deposit will not only secure the reservation of the animal chosen, but also acts as implied consent on your behalf to comply with these terms. If your deposit is to be mailed, please inform us of when it is sent. *Deposit will not be official until received. 
Please Note: 
If you wish to have a buck wethered (castrated) you must pay in full first. Bucks will NOT be wethered with only a deposit. 
If you wish to purchase a Buck kid WITH horns: PAYMENT WILL BE DUE IN FULL! No refunds will be given in this scenario. Once the kid has past the time window of being disbudded- there will be no refunds should you decide you no longer wish to purchase the buck kid. NO exceptions, NO transfers. (Leaving horns on bucks is not recommended by Pallet Farms LLC) 
Payment must be in “guaranteed funds”: Cash, money order, check, credit card, etc. If using a check, no “post dated” checks will be accepted and checks must clear before the animal leaves the farm. An animal is not reserved until half the amount due is paid. 

If you have not paid before picking up the animal, then the remainder of the money that is owed is due at the time of pick up. 
Please note: If the animal is not picked up and balance paid by the date we have set up for pick up, the animal will be offered to the next interested party and the deposit will be forfeited. 
If the animal is not picked up by the date agreed upon, a boarding fee will be applied. Please be advised, there are no refunds on canceled orders. 

REFUNDS: Pallet Farms LLC reserves the right to retain any animal from any pairing at any time for any reason. If a kid from a pairing becomes unavailable in any fashion, all money will be refunded to the buyer OR buyer may reserve/ buy another animal with said funds. Pallet Farms LLC reserves the right to refuse sale to anyone for any reason.


All animals will be healthy upon leaving our farm to the best of our knowledge, and our veterinarians. We cannot be responsible for an animal once it leaves our farm. * Kids will be properly weaned, eating pellets & hay, and drinking water on their own prior to leaving. 
It is in the buyer’s best interest to have their animal checked by vet prior to leaving. Contact us to have them vet checked for you in advance, and they can be checked before leaving.  In most cases with us at Pallet Farms LLC, we provide this service to you at no additional cost. A certificate of veterinary inspection will accompany your animal.
*If an animal you have purchased from us needs a new home, please contact us and we will attempt to help you find your animal a new home. 

Size, production, future health, scurs, show quality and looks cannot and will not be guaranteed. We do our best to match good genetics at Pallet Farms LLC but are also dealing with nature and sometimes the outcome does not match our intentions. 

Each goat is sold as “registered” and will be sold with registration papers already in hand or applications for registration. The buyer will need to pay fees for the registration papers or transfer fees unless otherwise noted or negotiated. Goats that are already registered cannot have their names changed. We reserve the right to name each kid born. They are a result of our work, and our breeding. They will be named to our choosing. 

Breeding services:
For the health and safety of our goats, we do not lease bucks at this time. “Drive way breeding” may be offered in the future. Contact us if interested. *A certificate of vet inspections as well as a recent (same calendar year within 6 months) certificate of blood tests results for CAE, CL, Johnnes, & Toxoplasmosis will be required. 

Pallet Farms LLC discourages shipping via air travel. We feel that it is not in the best health and interest of the animal. However, for all of the total airfare costs, including the cost of the crate, we will at times make acceptions. Pickup is available, and preferred when it comes to animal pickup. HOWEVER- If you plan to come to our farm, for biosecurity reasons, we may request a recent blood test report of a clean herd. * Some diseases are transmitted through soil, and can be transmitted to our clean tested herd. Delivery: also preferred, we can deliver your animal directly to you for an additional fee. We will travel up to a certain milage- contact us for delivery to your farm, or meeting place halfway. Mileage fees will apply for no less than $.50 per mile & up. 

Thank you for choosing Pallet Farms LLC for your addition to your herd. We wish you success, health, and growth over the years to come! We always accept calls and emails for any help or questions you may have. Thank you! Best wishes, Joanna Ringer (Owner-Pallet Farms LLC) 

I acknowledge these policies & regulations of herd health, goat well- being & practices provided by PALLET FARMS LLC. By signing this document I agree to the above policies & accept all terms. 


SELLER: _________________________________________ DATE:__________________

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